Zeta Potential: A Complete Course in 5 Minutes

Zeta potential can help you
understand and control colloidal suspensions.

Waste reduction and nutrient recovery during the co-composting of empty fruit bunches and palm oil mill effluent

Reducing the environmental impact of plantations through better waste management

Oil palm composted biomass: A review of the preparation, utilization, handling and storage

The preparation, utilization, handling and storage of oil palm composted biomass were reviewed in the present study.

Nutrient Absorption by Oil Palm Primary Roots as affected by Empty Fruit Bunch Application

Various parts of the oil palm primary roots were tested to determine the part which absorbs nutrients.

Composting Empty Fruit Bunches of Oil Palm

Two methods (open and closed) of composting the empty fruit bunches (EFB) of oil palm were studied

Evaluation of Palm oil mill effluent to maize (Zea mays. L) crop: yields, tissue nutrient content and residual soil chemical properties

Palm oil mill effluent (POME) is produced in large quantities in Nigeria and is amenable to microbial degradation.

Management of Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium in Mature Oil Palm

Phosphorus (P) is an essential element for plant growth and is particularly important for root growth during the establishment and early growth stages.

Alternative Oil Palm Fertilizer Sources and Management

The euphoric sentiment of the oil pam industry in 2007 till the first half of 2008, generated by the historic prices of crude palm oil (CPO) as influenced by the price escalation of fossil fuels


Superior Effect of Compost derived from Palm Oil Mill by-products as a replacement for inorganic fertilisers applied to oil palm

Trials by Sumatra Bioscience have shown that high quality compost can be produced by composting empty oil palm fruit bunches with oil mill effluent in an open windrow system over 25 days.

Potassium Interactions with other Nutrients

Potassium affects nitrate (NO3) absorption and reduction. Rapid NO3 uptake depends on adequate K in the soil solution. Activity of the enzyme glutamine synthetase in wheat is lower when K is deficient.

Empty Fruit Bunches Evaluation: Mulch in Plantation vs. Fuel for Electricity Generation

There are compelling reasons for supporting the use of empty fruit bunches (EFB) as a source of fuel for renewable energy (RE) power generation.

Palm-based Bio-Fertilizer from Decanter Cake and Boiler Ash of Palm Oil Mill

Decanter cake (DC) and boiler ash (BA) are wastes from the palm oil mill. 


A survey of bacteria and fungi occurring during composting and self-heating processes

Composting is a controlled self-heating, aerobic solid phase biodegradative process of organic materials.

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