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Waste Management for Palm Oil Mills

POME and EFB are rich in nutrients which are locked and not readily available to plants. Our technology is able to biologically process the by-products/waste and convert it into organic fertiliser.

For the Palm Oil Mill, this addresses the issues of environmental regulations which affect POME discharge. For the plantations, the end product is lesser in volume than EFB, rich in nutrients and easy to apply.

Our technology is able to effectively convert POME and EFB into co-compost. This not only reduces the inorganic fertiliser requirements of the plantation but also reduces the GHG emissions of the Effluent Ponds, in-line with the ISCC standards.

The process is fully aerobic and aided with microbes. As such the process does not emit any GHG
and is in accordance to a Methane Avoidance Initiative.

EFB Collection
AgroTech Processing Plant

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